there's a thread for every were else so why not us, just put your age the age of musicians you are looking for the type of musicians you are looking for the type of music you like etc. etc. etc
Ill go first im 13 guy looking for people under 18 but over 12 im a guitarist looking for guitarists vocalists keyboard players drummers anything I like all music except for country, thats annoying, my favorite groups are 311 metallica black eye peas nickleback greenday everything, any one can contact me just p.m. me guys and girls are welcome if some one already has a band they want me to join I will be happy to!
How can you start a band in two different places ?

EDIT: Nevermind, excuse my ignorance I thought you meant Toronto, Ontario.

oh lawd
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Im 44 and have been writing and singing for 20+ years. Im looking for some people my age that want to have a fun weekend band. I live in Vermontville, Michigan. I play guitar, not well but I play. I have my own home so finding a place to jam isnt a problem. Gimmy a call if your in my neck of the woods. Rich. 269-339-8851