well ive just always wondered what the effect in by the way at around 1:30 that kind of goes wow wow wow wow that sort of thing lol

so what is it?
I'm not sure I know what song you are talking about, and I know I don't know what part of the song you're talking about, but if it goes "woowowowwowowowo" it's a wah wah.
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Unless its electronic drums.

When they play live, it's Anthony singing that piece. But on the record, it's probably a Wah wah pedal.
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Also, Charmander.
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I am fairly certain Frusciante's using a wah wah while muting the strings, if that's the part you mean.
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that's either anthony singing, or a wahwah pedal...
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Its not a guitar, its Anthony saying wow wow wow wow, and the vocal is processed and effected.

You could do a similar effect on guitar with a wah and/or envelope filter.