i just bought an esp with a floyd rose and i want to know some cool things to do with it.
Learn to whammy without a whammy bar.
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The cooles thing to do would be to take it off and play without, like ilikeguitar said, but you could google for dive-bomb if you don't want to
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use the whammy. that's pretty cool.
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listen to pantera. that should give you somewhere to start
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dime squeals
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youtube it. you can do some kinda "trills" by "slapping" the end of the floyd arm, and gives this kinda of fluttery sound...its pretty cool.

there is alot that you can do with it. Find your own whammy tricks
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The cooles thing to do would be to take it off and play without, like ilikeguitar said, but you could google for dive-bomb if you don't want to

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Listen to Steve Vai and Dimebag Darrell for ideas, they both use it pretty well imho
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i have an sg so i can play without it, but you can get some sounds out of it that you just cant get without it
pluck your g-string, then immediatly dump it with the whammy bar, while note is dumped lightly touch the string (you will have to experiment on location as all guitars are a little different) over the 3rd fret and slowly release the whammy bar and as it gets to its normal postion continue to raise the bar so the pitch goes sharp. You do have to practice this to get it down. Sounds like a lot but it all happens really fast. Alos, gotta keep all the other strings muted so they don't ring out.

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