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5 29%
Miss Daisy
6 35%
6 35%
Voters: 17.
Here is the poll for purple team!
The band profile is here:

Miss Daisy-Practice with a Metrenome
Zaha-A Song for her

The band profile tends to freeze so you may want to exit and go back to the page after each song. It's annoying but it's the best you can do.
Leave constructive comments and the poll closes in 7 days. So go ahead and vote for your favorite!

Blue Team:
Orange Team:
Red Team:
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Hawkeye: I really liked how you played around with changing keys quickly and doing it smoothly. I liked the first part the best; the louder part wasn't as good in my opinion. you got my vote
Miss Daisy: The timing on this wasn't very good, it seems like you could have done better work on it. good try though
Zaha: What happened here? It seemed like you were scatterbrained when you were mixing this...the sound of you hitting the keys is plainly heard and the different volumes didn't mix well. Well, if you make it hopefully you'll do better next time