Hi, i've got a dean razorback, but as you know - they're a death to carry places.

I don't have that much and want to purchase a reasonably light electric guitar for under £200, could i please have some ideas?

I've been looking at strats for the price range but i'm not sure if their worth it or not at that price : (

I play all sorts of music, death, thrash, prog to Hendrix style rock.

Thanks alot!
A vintage v100 used goes for about £150, that would do you great. Or a Squier strat for the lighter stuff.
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A vintage v100 used goes for about £150, that would do you great. Or a Squier strat for the lighter stuff.

Sunn O))):
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Cort Guitars, check 'em out, they're great and excellent value for money. I have a KX5, i still use it for heavier stuff, and just for the sound of a humbucker
You can get some nice Corts for under £200


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Yamaha Pacifica 112. HSS and very good value.
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+1 on the yamaha pacifica 112v. Lags also make some nice guitars, and often you can get good deals on the 200 series (which have a noticeably higher spec than the 100 series) under £200. I'd get something like a lag jet 200 (the HSS version), for under £200, if you can find one. I've certainly seen ones being sold by shops as "new" for under £200 on ebay, but what condition they're in, I have no idea.
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I have an Ibanez rg321mh which is £180 and I think it is very good for the price. Id happily pay a lot more for it.
Look used and you can get something better.
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