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7 41%
8 47%
Sheik Yerbouti
2 12%
Voters: 17.
Here is the poll for orange team!
The band profile is here:

Edgarpope-Grimskull Groove
Eightball-ATK Funk
Sheik Yerbouti-Sonorous Struggle in D Minor

The band profile tends to freeze so you may want to exit and go back to the page after each song. It's annoying but it's the best you can do.
Leave constructive comments and the poll closes in 7 days. So go ahead and vote for your favorite!

Blue Team:
Purple Team:
Red Team:
Last edited by RozzLe at Jul 1, 2009,
Edgarpope: This was a little too repetitive...it was flawed at some parts and the timing was off sometimes.
Eightball: THis one really made me want to move. It asn't the best, but it was pretty good. It got my vote
Sheik Yerbouti: It didn't seem like you had a plan for this. It seemed like you just loosely improvised the whole thing. it wasn't horrible though