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12 55%
Drive in
6 27%
4 18%
Voters: 22.
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The band profile is here:

Auggis-Pursuit of Dreams
Drive in-Stimulation Overload
VOTE4ME-The Thought of a Cricket

The band profile tends to freeze so you may want to exit and go back to the page after each song. It's annoying but it's the best you can do.
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Auggis: This was pretty much perfect. there were a few flaws but it was really good. u got my vote
Drive-in: The lyrics didnt work 4 me too much....it was all too overplayed in a way.
VOTE4ME: This piece had a lot of potential, but you just didnt do much with it. it was the same the entire time.
VOTE4ME: Very nice ambient sounds, had to kinda listen out for everything though, very subtle. Potentially brilliant, in another setting with some huge sounding Jazz piano and shimmering guitar work form Pat Metheney, I'd listen to it over and over.

Drive-in: Got my groove on to that, I don't think lyrics are really that important in a Basswars, but good on you for trying. bass wise, I think it had a nice groove, though the bits over the top could have been... well, better. and I just dug the ending.

Auggis: Fantastic piece, well crafted though there are a few bits and piece's here that just didn't quite fit. but great show of musicality and technique.
"Whats that noise??"

"... Jazz"
For me Auggis was the clear winner. A few misses here and there, but overall a good piece.

Vote4me--good piece but a little toosubtle. Hypnotic in places but was missing something strong in the theme.

Drive-In- I could have done without the lyrics. To me, they were a little too distracting from the piece. The groove was nice but a bit too raw in the composition.
Auggis was defiantly the best, technically, but i didnt vote for it, i had no connection with it, it was a piece of music and nothing more.
Drive In gets my vote all the way though, very good to listen to.

Vote4me, i dint get it.
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Auggis was amazing. Very Wooten-ish.
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