Just got one of those HELLA CHEAP Crate V5's for £49 from absolute music

Soon I will upgrade with this from hotrox uk

EL84-JJ-SING - £9.50
12AX7 TUNGSOL - £15.50
C10Q Jensen Speaker (CERAMIC MAGNET) - £35

I am also told that they are biased extremely cold at the factory and that is the reason for the terrible pre amp distortion/ lack of power distortion at high volumes.

On another forum it tells you to tack a 180 ohm resister in parallel to the 330 ohm cathode resister to bring it down from 11 - 12 to about 6-7

any thoughts on these little mods ?

May post a couple of pics tomorrow with my ENGL 4x12
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I may be in the minority, but IMO these are better for modding then the VJ's. I've got one and I've done most of the stuff you're about to do and its loads better, so go ahead with it.