Hi guys. I've been wanting to make a more "accessible" folk type of song, so in the past week I have been composing and I got pretty damn far. It is pretty much done. I just intend to revise the ending (possibly). I will comment in return if you give me a quality comment.


I have begun working on the vocals. I have all of them down (in demo mode), except for two verses in the middle of the song (that I have not written yet). I will be rerecording them when I get a better mic. Please turn up the volume! I also suggest headphones if you have them.

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First of all, it is a well recorded piece; clean and flawless.. Acoustic guitar sounds pretty good, and melody is interesting. Background strings are well harmonized.. Oh I know temporary names, I also have a lot of them, it is so hard to name a song, especially if it is instrumental But I think yes you should insert some lyrics, it will be better in those parts with chords, and ending can be revised.
As a summary, good, professional work, it can be improved with a litte small touch and will be great..

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First off, amazing production as stated above. One of the best recordings I've heard on here, especially acoustic thats really hard to hit well.

The orchaestration was awesome, sounded very professional. To be honest, I wouldn't call this folk off the top of my head, albeit there isn't vocals yet. Sound more indie and just overall acoustic than necessarily folk.

Overall I am very very impressed.

When you add vocals put it up here, I'd like to hear it.

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This song is just beautiful...the acoustic guitars are absolutely lush! The strings fit in extremely well, the guitars are always interesting and it never gets boring or repetitive. This is one of the best songs I've heard on here and it is most definitely of a professional standard. I would really like to hear it with vocals as well as they could make this song even better.

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this is really nice!
a very beautiful piece of work.
did you record the violins i hear in the background. they sound perfect with the acoustic.
and i like the subtle ratlesnake thing at 1.50 ^^.

but it's kinda repeats to much, it simply needs lyrics as stated above.

i like the storey you put in your description

keep up the good work
nice guitar playing. its begging for vocals though. i would love to hear it with them done. the composing is great, but with folk music, its all about the lyrics, and they will make or break the song. not much else to say, the recording was great agean. this was an easy listen. good spirit kinda music, lol. nice job. keep it up man, and like i said, i cant wait to hear this when there are vocals. good job. this is solid. nice pics btw.

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Thanks a lot guys for the replies!

The "violins" are simply my synth (Specrasonics Atmosphere). It sounds nice, though I do not intend for it to sound exactly like real violins as I like a bit of an ambient sound.

I will be critiquing all of your songs in the next day or so.

For those interested I have posted the song in my UG Profile with an additional demo of me singing the chorus. I am just messing around right now as I write lyrics and vocal lines. Unfortunately my vocal mic sucks extensively and it will take some time until I can record up to the standard of the other instruments.
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I have posted an updated link for those interested with some vocals. I am still arranging vocal melodies and attempting to get my mic to sound decent. I have everything but two verses (which still need some writing) but I am not really rushing it. Additionally, I am not the epitome of vocalists but I try. What can I say? haha.


^(Updated link for those who were unaware when they scrolled down)
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Super Song...I'd like to hear the vocals a little higher vol. wise in the mix....excellent production, smooth guitar playing. I wouldn't know what to classify this, it does have a little Pink Floyd feel to it......keep it up! Oh and maybe a nice acoustic or even a elect. lead break in there.........keep us informed of your progress..
Oh wow...a beautiful piece. The vocals were amazing, sounded distant and atmospheric, along with the acoustic it was just fantastic. The little upper bits at like 1:28 were perhaps my favorite parts. I also really liked the acoustic parts, there were some relief moments and then you could hear this sort of tension in the chords, it was really good.
The vocals were a bit hard to hear but I liked how it was more blended with the song which gave the whole song this really neat feel.

I love this sort of ambient music and you did very, very well. Can't say anything bad but I definitely like the song a lot.

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Thanks for the comments. I am appreciating the feedback and generally positive response. This is the first time I've done proper vocals for a track, so its nice to see that people are enjoying them. My voice used to suck really badly, however I have been training my singing voice a lot. This is one reason why I usually keep my vocals mixed lower into the song. Another reason is that I enjoy shoegaze type of music (where the vocals are used more like an instrument than something other than an instrument). The last reason I suppose is just because the vocals are just sitting over the mp3 of the rest of the song. When I finish it I will mix the vocals properly into the rest of the song (and bring out the bongos/shakers as well as the synths a bit).
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