I sure had fun with this one. Pretty much OTS and all that jazz.
I'm going up north tomorrow morning. Be back on 6th.
and for the record, Carmel DID tell me to...

Carmel And The Sewer Crocodillys

She has one goal in mind
but she needs an army.
Not a land soldier could she find
So she looked to the sewer sea.

The sewer crocodilly,
such a majestic beast.
The name's a bit silly,
but strong and proud none the least.

Crocodilly Billy
can't live near the Arctic.
Its gets a bit chilly
but Carmel's got a new trick.

She'll fix the flaws,
Carmel will eventually get it right.
Ten captured, she ties up their jaws.
Soon, She'll harness that lethal bite.

Her bunker in Siberia
is her lab where she experiments,
with microscopic bacteria
and the crocodillys she torments.

Super Albino Crocodillys,
They can shoot lasers and fly
Hunt 'em down? They blend into the snow, silly.
They'll never be seen with the naked eye.

I call them Carmel's SACs for short
and someday soon they will emerge!
We must strengthen our S&L fort!
Until our hero ZC, returns and fights her off in one. final. surge.
Promises meant a lot back then.
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Until our hero ZC, returns and fights her off in one. final. surge.

Hero ZC...........
that stands for ZOMG its CAKE right????
she wouldn't expect it at all.
Zach has the element of surprise.
Promises meant a lot back then.
she reads posts about her you made back to you when you try to suck up!

she'd expect it.
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Carmel's always got an eye on everyone... especially Zach; she'd expect it.

this is awfully cute.

Cute?! -_-
she's plotting my/our demise.
Promises meant a lot back then.