I'm looking for a 4x12 cab to go with my Marshall JCM 900 4500 head. Any ideas? I'm kind of partial to the look of orange tolex. (It doesn't have to be orange.)
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the JCM cab?

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You could get an avatar, you can get them in orange.
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It depends on where you are located.
Framus 4x12 has the best value for money - brand-new or second-hand: It sounds fantastic, good customer services, isn't over-heavy, looks spectacular (not with everything, mind you) and they are only €600 from thomman.de

Another name I would suggest is Matamp. It's 4x12 costs a bit more but the amount of detail goes into them is immense. Also, you can get pretty much any colour or any type of material you ever wished for. Purple, Orange, Black tolex, Green tortashell, etc - it's entirely customizable, including the speakers.

Avatar are very good. They are sold second-hand fairly regularly.

If you haven't got a budget, Diezel make lovely cabinets.
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Basically, any cabmaker that hand builds them in a 1st-world country will generally be good. eg: Orange, Mesa, Avatar, Vader, Mills Acoustics, Splawn, Ear Candy, Soldano, Framus, etc.
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I LOVE the sound of a JCM through a Framus Cobra 4x12
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