My first real sort of mix that I worked hard on, I know it's not great, but it was made with a bunch of cheap software and an SM58, opinions on how it came out overall? How it could be improved? Opinions on the song itself? Thanks!
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Well first off, the actual quality of the recording are fairly decent considering the equipment you had available, so congrats on that. The mixing isn't bad at all for a first(ish) timer. There were times when the song got to the (chorus?) where it was a bit busy and somethings became squashed to the back of the mix. The chant like vocals especially had probably too much reverb and sat too quietly in the mix especially when they were isolated and not backing the female parts. It's nice to be able to detect a bit of bass guitar though. I think bass get's "mixed out" too often these days. Overall it's more than good enough for an enjoyable listening experience.

The song itself is pretty cool. I'm really into the mix of female and harsh male vocals at the moment. Sometimes the screams aren't that strong, but it takes time to achieve a truly great style in that regard, just think back to early lamb of god, Randy sounded far from great in those records. I'm not too fond of the synth sounds at the end. I'm not against synth sounds as a whole, i use them my self often, but they came across to me as an afterthought given there was no (audible) sythn during the main body of the song. It sort of reminded me of when someone uploads a song on youtube and the uploader adds their own little jingle at the end. Maybe a fade out to feedback or just leave it at the slide outs before the synth. The guitar riffs were pretty cool though, and the song deffinately had a decent structure that didn't get boring.

Overall very nice work, I can't pick too many faults with it at all, you should message me on UG when your next song is uploaded as I barely use myspace any more.
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