So I was only looking around in different brands webpages, and I found the Bc Rich Ironbird, it got an OFR and Rockfield pickups (I don't know much about this pups, but at least they're not the stock ones, excuse my n00b-ness) with bolt-on neck and so, at a first look it looked like a great guitar (for 699, NOTE: i'm not saying is the best for the price, but it looked like a great guitar with nice specs in its price range) but I didn't find any helpful reviews about it, could you tell me what are some bad aspects about this guitar? like, do they really put an OFR on it? (the BCR page says so)
Hope you can tell me something about it (by the way I want serious opinions, not only like: "OMGF IS A BCRICH, IS THE WORST THING IN THE WORLD". Except if the guitar itself is really THAT bad....

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well id expect itd be a pretty decent buy, i mean official floyd rose is better than licensed, plus its not a cheap ass low end bc rich warlock so it should be fine! if you can get chance to test one go for it, that will be better experience than any amount of reviews can ever give you
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for 699 you could get the neck through beast with a floyd. but i don't know what currency your talking about, its 699 USD
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for 699 you could get the neck through beast with a floyd. but i don't know what currency your talking about, its 699 USD

I'm not completely planning on buying that one, I just thought it was a great guitar, but I want to save up more for a LTD m-1000 and stuff, and yes it is 699USD, the problem is that here in Mexico you can't find guitar shops that easy...
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Yeah, I've played that one in the shop. To be fair, it's not a bad guitar; the pickups are pretty good and it feels decent. However, the shape really doesn't go with me well at all sitting down. Standing up it was OK, but I wouldn't want to play it sitting down. It's an alright guitar.
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Good guitar pickups are fairly decent compared to BC Riches BDSM pickups, the it IS an OFR so no worries on that it plays great looks great, Fairly comparable to a mid range Ibanez or schecter.

Cons- The points can be really annoying especially when sitting down so you'll have to play it in-between your legs when you sit instead of your left or right leg. Could of been a better guitar you pay more than what your getting. To some it may be slightly on the heavy side.

All in All its a good guitar, price could of been cheaper but what can you do? If I were to suggest a different guitar from the same maker for practically the same price but WHOLE lot better would be the the BC Rich Jr V if your not into V shapes then ok its understandable but IMO its a better guitar.
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Ive played a number of BC Rich's and honestly i dont find them anything special, same with LTDs and ESPs but thats mainly price.

With BC Rich they use those Rockfield pups which are really bad to me, never liked the sound. But the build quality is nice on the newer models you dont have to worry about necks breaking off on stage!! The necks still feel abit tacky but if u could get that model down too 600 it would be better priced.

If you get a chance look into their USA range, awesome guitars
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Are you talking about the newer one with the awful inlay that covers half the board?

I would wait and see if you can get an older usa one.
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Just kidding, I think that the guitar is fairly decent but a tad bit overpriced, and these aren't too bad while sitting, in fact decent, but I am just used to points on a guitar body. You could obviously find something with better quality than this guitar for that price, but that doesn't make this guitar bad, if you desire a B.C. then go for it.
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It's $600 USD at Music Farm. Free shipping too.

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It's $600 USD at Music Farm. Free shipping too.

International shipping?
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