A new experimental guitar head has now joined the ranks at ABG. Cyan Experimental represents all options that did not fit into DIG, Whisper or any other development. We sort of Put an All flavors amp together from ideas that didn't work elsewhere. The result is an amp that is unbridled and completely different than anything we have ever released. With options that include a dual pad sweep with selectable filters tied to the XY Values of the Pad. A tube filter(borrowed from DIG 2.5), A solid state amp as well as a 2 12ax7 gain section(Like DIG 2.0). So although some elements were borrowed, Cyan is all new when you put all these elements together. Yes it has 2 amps...A solid state, and Tube, and they can be run individually, or together..

Cyan Experimental will make its debut in the new amp suite coming from ABG, it will also be released as a stand alone head. and as always...Its freeware! Future versions of Cyan will be under the ABG paid upgrade scheme though, but hey the upgrade will only be 10 dollars!