So, I bought some straploks, and they work great, on one pair of straps. But with my new strap, the hole is too small to go all of the way up the shaft on the strap lock. Should I just drill a slightly bigger hole in the strap? Will that make the strap fall of easier??? Also, is the strap supposed to be all of the way up the shaft of the lock?


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Yah, this happened to me too on my awesome lightning bolt strap. I widened the hole with a knife, shaving off a little bit at a time, and jammed it it.
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yea its way too much for my little stick lol
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my awesome lightning bolt strap.


I cant help with the situation though.
Ok, got it drilled out a bit, jammed it in. But I noticed the screws already in my guitar were smaller than the ones that came with the straploks. I didnt want to risk it, so I used the original screws. Was that fine.