Poll: do you play eletric or acoustic?
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View poll results: do you play eletric or acoustic?
28 29%
7 7%
63 64%
Voters: 98.
i play acoustic what do you play?
i play acoustic
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i voted both, but like electric more because my acoustic is crappy and hard to play.
I said electric, but meant both
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I play both pretty much equally
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Almost always electric. There is something I just don't like about playing on acoustics.

I have more fun playing on an electric, as weird as it is. They are both guitars, but electric guitars feel better.
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Both, on my electric I try to play stuff by Jimi Hendrix, Queen, Radiohead and Dream Theater. My acoustic influences are William Ackerman and Michael Hedges and classical music.
I prefer electric guitar, but I also play acoustic.
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My electric is currently broken, but I play both.

I am trying to learn sweep picking on my Acoustic now.
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i voted electric.

i have an acoustic but dont play it. although i do occasionally play it if i cbf going to get my electric or i am on holidays. other than that, acoustic just isnt my type.
I enjoy both. Electric is mostly used for the type of music I listen to (melodeath/power metal), but the acoustic always has a place in my heart and goes great in metal songs actually.
I (would) play both. I've wanted a nylon acoustic for a long time now. The sound is so natural and I liked the sound of Yngwie's when he did his acoustic solo. Right now I have a steel string 3/4 size acoustic. My first guitar. For the cheap price of about $80USD, it has a great tone to it imo.
What does this have to do with guitar technique?

Both, but mostly electric.
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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if you play guitar, you play both
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Both,but prefer Electric, just my type of music...

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i play both. it depends on my mood, actually.

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Mainly electric, but I've started working on technique on my brother's acoustic. Sweeping is much easier to get right on an electric if you can get it right on an acoustic.