Hey GG&A, I'm looking to put some new tubes, speaker and maybe some new life into my practice amp. Which is a Crate V5. I've had it about a year, and I like it compared to some other practice amps I've tried, SS ones, modellers etc... Anyways, I've recently come into 120$, and seeing as how I don't need anything else gearwise, I've decided I'll upgrade this amp a little. I have three questions.

1: What kind of tubes should I get for it? I play mostly in the mid-gain spectrum, and I do like having nice clean tones. Nothing super sparkly though, kind of more jazzy mellow tones.

2: What kind of speaker should I get? IIRC its a 10" speaker and the amp can take 4 ohms or 8 ohms, whats some good, or atleast above average speakers that won't break the bank? As said before I play mostly mid-gain stuff.

3: Any mods I can do to get rid of the "fartiness" in the distortion this amp has? Like, the distortion is just harsh and bad, what can I do to make this any better?
I'd look into Guitar Warehouse Speakers Veteren 10. For tubes, JJ EL84 and Tung-sol 12AX7's.
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If you like the jazzier, dark cleans I'd get JJ preamps too. Fartiness can be taken care of with a new speaker or lower gain preamp tubes, I like 5751 in v1 and v2 of my crate v-15, but you can go a step farther and look at a 12at7.

As far as speakers go, what kind of music? British or american voiced? Do you want more/less bass, treble, mids. More efficient or around the same levels?

I'd look at weber speakers or eminence (if you're in the us) as they have decent prices and a pretty good selection of 10" speakers.
I think I'm looking for a british voiced sound. Kind of marshally or laney-ish. I also like my mids to be nice and crisp. And looking up demoes of JJ tubes, they sound a little dark, anything thats slightly brighter?
Also, links to Guitar Warehouse speakers and JJ-tubes? I've found them on ebay but no official site >_<
i have the warehouse 10 veteran in a crate, its very british (mid full). i will second the 5751 rec as well. im sure any speaker upgrade would help tho.
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Okay, I'll get the JJ EL84 then. Can you explain why a KT77 won't work though? I'm a noob at tubes XD, so any info is good...
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Okay, I'm looking to get these tubes...

http://www.dougstubes.com/12at7.html - The JJ ones.
http://www.dougstubes.com/el34.htm - The KT77s from JJ.

Also, I'll be getting the Warehouse Veteran 10. Anything else I can get to improve my overall tone? If not, I'll probably spend the 50 or so I have left on a Bad Monkey + Danelectro CC Drive at a local shop...

It runs on 84's, doesn't it?
I'd recommend getting an 12ax7 and only one 12at7 (it has two preamp tubes, or 3? I'd only get one 12at7). Check with doug and tell him what amp you have, along with what you're planning to put in there, before you place the order, and ask for some suggestions
Yeah, I'd still keep one 12ax7 in there tbh, but email doug with your amp info and what you want to happen to the tone, and see what he says
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Okay, I'll get the JJ EL84 then. Can you explain why a KT77 won't work though? I'm a noob at tubes XD, so any info is good...

It's just a different type of tube than your amp uses. It wouldn't fit in an EL-84 socket, and even if it did, it would probably be bad news for your amp. If your amp ran an EL-34 you could put a KT77 in, but you would probably have to rebias.

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Okay. I'll e-mail him, does he usually reply within a few days? Or weeks or something?

usually within a day, you can try calling him too, his number and times are on the website. Real nice guy, doesn't jerk you around either
Okay, I opened the amp up and took some pics, one tube has SOVTEK EL-84 branded on the side, but I don't know what kind of tube the other one is...

I forgot to downsize the image, so just follow the link, sorry if its inconvienient.

Also, there is a standard size for speakers, right? Because I want to make sure the Warehouse 10" will fit my speaker baffle.
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So... Yeah ninja bump. Also, I need to know how to "Bias" and what this does, the sticky didn't really explain it, or how to do it... Just thats its good.