I have uploaded 'song 3' to profile...

I like the idea of it but need some help.

How can i intro to the main riff?
How shall i structure it? (atm ver, bri,ver,bri,cho,ver,bri,cho,)
Where can i stick in solo, without it being too repetitive?
Is it good?

Btw, it is incomplete, and guitars will be chorused clean.

Oh yh, and take time to laugh at midi guitars while ur at it.


EDIT: Added song 4, what do you think?
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it would sound allot better with real guitars. not bad though. i dont think you need to intro to the main riff, just start playing it lol. and as far as chorus and stuff, there are no real rules in composing. its an art. do what you want. if you think it sounds like there should be a chorus or solo at a certain point, put one in, free yourself.

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hey. the compositions ain't bad

song 3 reminds me of queen, alittle under pressure and the likes

song2 songs like a hip hop beat :P cool composition for sure, relaxing, the part around 1:40 really sounds like queen..

song 3, groovy beat, jazzy, reminds me of a stray cat strut by the the stray cats :P

conpositions are completly up to you, if you listen to compostions from incubus- system of a down-meshuggah-slipnot-john mayer etc. they all have different styles and different personal preferances, that is really what gives the idea what should be put where. music is made for ourselfs first ,then the public afterwards. so just experiment. the best would to play in a band, more ideas are shared and experimented on :P repition is needed to certain extant expecially on songs with vocals, imo. gives the song a predictable sturcture that make the vocal more appealing to the listener, listen to pop and you''ll hear what i mean. but as said it really is up to you just play around. and it would be easyer on a real guitar to figure stiff like this out. play and combine idea with pure musical instict, and you'll find out new ways combine stuff. good luck composing
Wow! Thanks a lot for your comments, I'm quite flattered that two of them sound like queen... They're my fav band!

Great advice tmje - more comps going to be uploaded soon