I had bought 3 songs off Itunes (Enter sandman, nothing else matters, the unforgiven) and i saw there was a two other songs from that album i like, like sad but true and wherever i may roam. I was wondering should i go to best buy and get the black album or should i get those two songs off itunes for alot less, i mean are the rest of the songs on the album any good?
Well, if you like the songs go for it. Most Metallica albums are good. We have a Metal sub-forum you know, might want to check it out as well.

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wow.... no one cares.... if you have money to spend sure, if not pirate it... done
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They have a thread in the Metal forum that you should check.


Also, if you like 5 of the songs, go buy the album.
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Good album. It's obviously not as good as Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, or ...And Justice For All, but it's definitely worth owning.

Either way, if you have further questions, take it to the Metal forum.


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