Hi. Check us out. The sound is pretty mainstream so I'm sure some of you won't really be into it, but opinions/crits are welcome. We're about to start booking and I just like to hear from all kinds of different folks.


Vocals were pretty much perfect for the style, i liked how abstract everything kinda felt, just kinda dreamy sounding. however what i was most impressed with was the recording clarity...what kind of a rig are you guys using to record this? it was perfect
Thanks man.. just a home studio protools rig.. AKG Perception use was common.

There is nice balance of cleans and heavy distortion in Jessie and Brook. Your sound isn't actually so mainstream, I wasn't expecting those style of vocals for that kind of a music. The vocals fit very well! You guys have some catchy stuff, keep it coming. I also enjoy the main riff from It's Not Over, very nice transition from the clean part to the heavy part.

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thanks man.. i mean i said mainstream in the sense of taking a 3 or 4 chord progression and song structure i guess. i do agree that we do a good job of adding enough technical guitar work to make it something a musician can appreciate.. glad to see that opinion is validated. i'm glad you liked it man.. thanks for checking it out and i left your band a comment earlier

i love the effect at the start of backwards- the vocals really remind me of aconite thrill, even though they are a completely different genre of music- have you used slight auto tune on the vocals?
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i'm not familiar with aconite thrill, i'll have to check that out in a little bit.. and yeah, there is some autotune i believe.. i know he's used it in the past for the studio-quality tracks. thanks for checking it out man, glad you liked it.. or at least the one song.

nice you guys are pretty good

i just added you in the band adding thread thingy... whatever its called
hah yeah that thread has taken off it seems.. and thanks, glad you liked our tunes

It's stuff like this that makes me say "Damn band when are we going to record?". It's just awesome stuff, very professional, great sounding, and I want to compare a great band to us to see how we stack up with good quality recordings
Hah... yeah it's nice to have solid recordings to hand out. My old band had to rock with a live take and then vocals added on top of that.. setting: bedroom with a condenser mic in the middle. FAIL! Anyway, glad you liked the music and I'm not sure if you just called us a 'great band' or not, but if so.. wow that's awesome.

Preferably some comments on the music rather than the recording quality itself. Thanks.