i've got a squire telecaster, and it had single coil pickups in, but i was getting a horrible buzzing noise, so while i was re-painting it, i changed the pickups to humbuckers...but now the guitar is back together, im still getting the noises. does any one know how to fix it?

the noise is like, when you have your amp swiched on, but dont have the lead in your guitar, theres that horrible buzzing noise, but this noise is happening even when the lead is in the guitar, and it's a LOT louder!

i can hear the guitar under the noise, and it would sound amazing if i got rid of the noise, so does anyone know how to solve this?

is that the shielding (conductive shielding paint) around the insides of the pickup holes? or is there something else i need to do?
Man, there could be many reasons. How about you take the stuff to a techie? Could be your amp, wires, wiring...
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seeing as you`ve installed new pups i reckon you haven`t grounded the guitar.

THat's what I think too but...
I've got a custom made guitar that does the buzzing even if nobody sees and mistakes in the wiring and grounding.
It just is there....
In august I'm bringing it to Esse music which is like 3 hours away from me just for the guitar...bought the 72' telecaster deluxe there tho :P
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