I've been playing guitar for close to three years now, despite this, I know jack **** about guitars and maitenance (except string changing) Anyways... I was an idiot a few days ago and I have no idea why but started playing with the adjustment knobs on my tune-o-matic bridge and my tailpiece. Did I do something wrong? Does it matter? If it does how can I fix it? I use a Les paul studio btw
The bridge screws on the side adjusts the action(How high the strings are off the fretboard). Just tgurn clockwise to lower and vise versa to raise.
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So you raised the action? The Big knob on the TOM
Just check intonation and if it plays alright just leave it.
No, they are designed to be messed with. They are used to perfect intonation, string tension, string distance from the fretboard, and palm muting perfecting.

To "fix" it, if there is anything wrong with it, just simply turn it back to where you predict it was. If you feel very uncomfortable doing it, which is understandable, take it to a friend who knows who to work them. it is easy to find at least one person who can do it for you. let him show you how, as well.
dont mean to thread jack but what are the pros and cons of tailpiece being really low or high?
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^that depends, of course. The tailpiece itself controls the action more "directly". Some people consider guitars with high action harder to play, but they are said to have a ... stronger (?) sound.

Low action is easier to play faster, yes, but only if you want to shred like a beast.. There's a middle height for action, try to find it and if you like it, then you're all set
Yeah i understand how action works haha, but i never really saw a difference from having my tail piece all the way down. I hear it increases sustain. I set my action with my tuneomatic. Maybe i should experiment more with it. But its such a pain in the ass.
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