I'm in the market for a Wah. I want something that can do any thing from a good clean funk thing, to Omar Rodriguez-Lopez sounds, to John Pettruti style. Pretty much as versatile as you can get for about $150. I'll try any suggestions before pulling the trigger but I want to have some opinions before i go looking.

Also, does anyone know where I can get Mogami cable by the foot and connectors separate (Build your own cable type deal)? Ive seen the link on here before but all my googleing has been in vain.

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find out what wah they use and pick one... best way though is to go to GC and try a whole bunch out...

i've seen the DIY cable kits at GC too
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the dunlop sw30 is good for everything but its $170

completely worth it though
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yeah the SW30 would be a good choice or even the buddy guy wah if you can find one.

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digitech wah is amazing, does all the normal stuff plus extras. i went straight of the crybaby because to get it on and off you have to rock it whereas the makority of digitechs and also morley wahs have an on off footswitch.
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get the dunlop kh95, it kicks ass
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I would not be against modding the shit out of an original crybaby it that would be just as good as (and cheaper) than the slash wah. I looked it up and it appears that JP uses a Dunlop rack wah and ORL uses a bass wah so theres not really an option on either of those. I'm definitely going to try all of these out but I just want some initial input to go off of.
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Don't listen to everyone else. Avoid the Dunlop wahs unless you get an Original to mod or a Rack wah. The Slash wah is ok, but way overpriced, the KH sucks major penis, you can't mod the Classic, the Wylde and Dime models suck, the 535Q has a lot of sounds, none particularly good, etc. I haven't tried the EVH or CAE ones in person but I assume the EVH is just the usual Dunlop crap and the CAE may be ok. I would suggest getting an Original and making mods until you like the sound. You could just replace all the resistors with trimpots and mess with them until it souds right then keep it like that or put resistors of the closest value in. Try here for wah mods. http://wah-wah.co.uk/diy.html

I think the bass CryBaby only has one cap changed and the weird switching.
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I'd check out the Vox Big Bad Wah, or a Teese RMC Wizard Wah if you can find it.
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i suggest the dunlop JH-1b crybaby. Its got a great range, and its really funky and simple to use