WHo is your favorite American Idol singer? (same goes ofr Pop Idol, Star Academy, Megastar, DSDS...) Post links!!!!

My favorite one is Thomas Godoj from the German version called "Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar" (DSDS).

Usually I hate the show but Thomas godoj was just Epic.

Here his version of chasing cars (better than original):


And here a (German) original:


Who do you like the most (or dislike the least)?

I also like Chris Daughtry from American Idol (new song no surprise is good).
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Adam Lambert's the best singer ever on that show, no contest, and he didn't win.

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Clay Aiken!

He's like...


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before de oder guys, nobody dere, you know.
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Uh...the only one I know of is Kelly Clarkson.

And Fantasia, but only because her name reminds me of Mickey Mouse and brooms.

How many Idol seasons have there been, anyway?
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Godoj? are you high? he's the worst ever! And I've seen all German Idol runs. (okay, Ellie was worse. she had one song that nobody listened to and disappeared ímmediately)

EDIT: Kelly Clarkson is the only Idol winner that has ever had any kind of real success on an international scale. she is also by far the best singer and performer to have emerged from any of these shows.
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Kelly Clarkson and David Cook are my fave winners...but Chris Daughtry and Allison Iraheta deserve some recognition even if they never won
I personally don't watch these shows :/ they all seem the same
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i dislike this show
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How can he be your favourite American Idol winner if he was on the German version? Surely that's just German Idol or something instead?
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Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood (did she win?)
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David Cook is the only one I really like who won............

Adam Lambert really should of won this season though, he was the best singer. Its really just being based on how many little girls start obsessing over them because of how attractive they are unfortunately.
Adam Lambert
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