Ok so im looking for some songs to practice my singing while playing guitar

Anyone got any suggestions???
They have to be in either drop c or d standard,they can be any style i dont mind,id prefer it if it had singing in it.Not too hard.
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The thing about playing and singing is mostly that you can play a song without thinking about what to play next, so I would suggest picking some easy songs with easy riffs at the beginning. Hell, just use Audacity and bring Black Sabbath - Paranoid down a whole step. If you don't feel like that, my suggestion goes on Death - Zombie Ritual. An easy song to play, just fast picking, nothing special.

You can go with Sepultura - Slave New World also. The easiest one to sing-a-long is definitely Metallica - For Whom The Bell Tolls, but it is in E standard, Seek & Destroy is pretty easy too. If you want, I can send you those songs down-tuned to D. Your call mate, gl
To be able to sing while playing guitar, in a metal context or otherwise, you must be so comfortable with your guitar part that you dont have to think about it. If you are struggling to play the guitar part up to speed, dont even attempt to put vocals over it.

Listen to the song, and pay attention to the patterns, where the lyrics go, according to the riffs. For example, some songs would have a CHUG CHUG CHUG pattern, and the lyrics wont start till after the first chug, so keep in mind that after that first chug, concentrate on vocals instead of guitar...

Its kind of hard to explain, but when I do it, I can literally feel the guitar part fade away until it feels like a distant memory, and all my concentration is on the vocals.

Practice the song you wanna do riff by riff until you can play it without looking, comfortable, and can have a conversation with a friend or sibling while playing the song.

And even though I didnt recommend a song, if you follow what I said youll be able to learn whatever songs you want, as long as its within your playing capabilities, whether its Sikth, Necrophagist, Spawn of Possession, or Green Day, System of a Down, and Nirvana.
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demon of the fall by opeth

limbs and fire above ice below by agalloch
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Boo! Why would you learn that when you could just learn the real song?
I'm not much of a vocalist, but I think to start it's good to practice vocal/guitar parts that practically go hand-in-hand. For example, the chorus to Blackened is perfect because the vocal melody and the guitar riff are almost identical. Try it out, it's easy and really fun.
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many Death songs should be good for starting out.

alot of the vocals are at the same time an accent on the guitar is so youre doing both at the same time. just to get started i think at least. just doing vocals at the same time. opeth etc should be more complicated because vocals on accents arent as prominent

try songs like spirit crusher or flesh and the power it holds. i havent actially tried this though, its jjust something i thought of while listening one day and thinking if i wanted to learn to do vocals while playing, i would start in this area. also like folk songs like bob dylan and tom petty and whatnot but were in the metal forum i guess so w/e haha
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although i don't sing, thinking about it practically there's 2 things you should try, as well as doing what insideac said.

first, like mentioned above, learn some songs where the vocals follow the riffs. loads of ozzy era sabbath is good for this, like iron man.

secondly, find a really easy, chord based song, then do the acoustic singer thing and pick a strum pattern that you'll play throughout the song. then all you have to worry about is chord changes, but they should be easy.
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