My taylor Big babies G string on open chords seems to be louder than the others. It's a little flat too.

I don't understand it and i desperatly need some advice. Im just hoping i don't need to trade the thing in.

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did you just replace that string or something?
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The action on your G string specifically may be lower than the other strings.

Check the saddle on the bridge, and see if it looks like that string is closer to the pickups than any of the other strings.

If so, just find an alan wrench and adjust it until its the same height as all the other strings.

If not, the problem may be in your pickups placement. You may want to adjust the height of your pickups.

If neither of these two adjustments seem to do anything for you, than its probably your pickups.
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hey vypor, learn to read please, it is an acoustic, taylor big baby...no pickups, no adjustable saddles.

if your G string is flat....tune it so it is not. the louder part, i have the same problem with some of my guitars and i'm not sure what causes it.
its the voicing of your guitar + your strings. try some other strings and see if it helps.
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