I need help, I have an epiphone G-400, and the neck is way too sticky and it's seriously affecting my playing. any ways to fix this???

Wipe it down, does the room you store it in have a lot of moisture in the air?
i keep it on the top floor of a 2 storey house. the room gets really warm sometimes. i guess that could cause moisture
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Use protection next time you play with it


thanks for the ******ry. put that stuff on /b/
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Use protection next time you play with it


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If your Epiphone has a wooden neck, try appling 'Fingerease' on it.

If it's a plastic-binding neck, ordinary guitar body solution would work also : )
I have the exact same guitar and I get the same problem. In addition to what everyone else said, it's important that you wash your hands before you play guitar whenever possible to keep it from getting too much oil/other crap from your hand on it.
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I've heard of putting Baby Powder on your hands. Anybody have that work for them?
Try FastFret, works dreams for sticky necks, they make old necks feel like new, even on new guitars.
Is your Guitar the Worn finish? I have the gloss finish one and I don't have those problems. If it is the worn finish it could be because of gunk sticking to the rough surface.
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Use protection next time you play with it


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wash your hands. maybe sweaty palms. Is the neck painted? If so, that's why some people dont like paint on their necks. Strip the neck of the paint and tung oil it if you want to go through all that, but honestly, it is great without all that paint on the neck. I use fingerease, and it's awesome. You have to reapply every time you play depending on how long you play.
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Back of the neck or the fretboard?
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Don't sand it, the easiest and cheapest fix is using a scotch brite pad (the green side) and rub it on the back of the neck.
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you could always sand it

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