I have been playing acoustic for a while to learn the chords and i am bored with it i want to play metallica and heavy stuff but i need a Good guitar for about €250 the max i could go up to is 300. Any ideas?
I think that perhaps an acoustic won't contain the appropriate tone for metal xD

And I agree with the LP studio. But be careful, some epi's are absolute crap (points finger at Epiphone Korina Explorer)

Other than that, there are some decent electrics by Ibanez in your price range.
i play an epi acoustic and would like a different brand of guitar so i can try them out
is your budget split between guitar and amp or for just guitar only? and if it's just guitar only then you can't go past an ibanez rg321 though i don't know if it's within your budget.
Vintage SG or Les Paul, or maybe a Cort X2
Amp. Roland Cube 15x
Total still under 300 yoyos.
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If you want to play metal, generally the rule of thumb is that you want humbuckers. I'm not saying that Single Coils are bad at playing distorted though, there are some exceptions.
Humbuckers are just more suited for metal then singles. I'd go for a les paul/SG copy.