I am ready to upgrade my amp and I am looking for suggestions from the community. Before I start hitting the guitar shops in my area I would like a list amps to try. Any amp suggestions based on the following:

$700.00 max
New or used
Effect loop
Takes well to pedals
Number of channles does not matter but if there is more than 1, I would like a foot-switch option
Combo or mini-stack

The following list pretty much covers the music I like to play at this time:
70' era Aerosmith
Black Sabbath(Ozzy and Dio era)
Deep Purple
Guns N Roses
Iron Maiden
Led Zeppelin
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Red Hot Chilli Peppers

So far I have identified a Marshall Haze MHZ40C as a possibility. Any thoughts on this amp? Any other suggestions?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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you're not gonna get very much for 700 if u want an all tube. The orange tiny terror is a rockin amp just not good for metal. One channel, 3 knobs, volume, tone, gain. 15w switchable to 7w. The line-6 spider valve is great for its price. But you can do a lot better for like 1300. Every orange amp is amazing! I personally own the Thunderverb 50 head ($2100) but ive tried the ad50, rocker 30 and or50. all amazing and all sound completely different.
I disagree, $700 will get you a nice tube/valve amp, certainly. Also, the Tiny Terror is crackin' for metal. stick a Fulltone OCD in the mix and you're even into Death Metal territory. It's a tight sound.

Do you need to gig with it?

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Quote by AngryGoldfish
Do you need to gig with it?

Thanks everyone for the suggestions so far.

To answer your question AG, I will not be gigging with this amp.
Although it doesn't have an effects loop, the Orange Tiny Terror is something to look at.
This with... (you may well be able to hangle down the prices so they are $700 for the two)
Orange Tiny Terror
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This is quite a nice amp both for home and gigging. It suits most genres, as well.

A Marshall to research.

Some don't like this, but is right in your budget and you may really like the tones. It sounds to me, overly compressed and digital, but it more than makes up for that in tonal options. If you want the ability to scope your tone, this is an lovely choice.

I have no experience with this, and it may not have an effects loop either, but many tell me it's a great amp. A stomp box might be necessary for high-gains.

Here is the Tiny Terror in Combo form. I much prefer the head over it, as I can choose what speakers I wish with it, but this is still worth it.

I haven't played this particular model, but reviewers rave about it, and the clips are lovely.

I've played this one and it's great for your styles, although if you really wanted to push the gain, a pedal will be necessary. It takes to them very well.

Another nice Marshall.

20 watts is more suitable for your needs, so this is highly recommended.

Another awesome American amp, similar to the Traynor, but this has more of a slight British tinge to it, where it's tone is bitty and sharp.

Similar to the Spider Valve I mentioned earlier, but some say this is better. I think they are about equal.

You may quite like this amp. I think it's okay, but with some modifications, it will sound very nice indeed, particularly for the money.

I have not yet played this so I can't commend properly, but many really like it for it's raunchy and honest tones.

Not my first choice, but it's something to recognize. It's more designed for Thrash Metal, if you ask me.

This will need a stomp box to give you the dirty tones you need. It's a nice amp.

Not played this, but some say it's great.

This is a gorgeous amp. Not tremendous amounts of gain, but enough to play most classic-rock genres.

This seems very cheap for what you're getting.

Hope they help!
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I've been doing it for ages now and never had a problem, that's what was a little confusing. But I don't mind people telling me what they feel is right. So don't worry about it at all.
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I've been doing it for ages now and never had a problem, that's what was a little confusing. But I don't mind people telling me what they feel is right. So don't worry about it at all.

It's not that I was out to get you, I just thought the "no ebay links allowed" rule was still in place.

But, it is not. And I didn't agree with it, when it was.
Sorry for the confusion.

Get a Marshall JCM 2000. High gain and is pretty versatile
dude...that pedal makes me want to curb stomp babies and eat your face.
Honestly a Vox Night Train sounds perfect for you, but it doesn't have an FX loop. If you can spend $850 then look at an Egnater Rebel 20 and an Avatar cab. I would take the Vox over the Tiny Terror based on what you play.

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