So, my bassist and I went to my girlfriend's house to swim in her pool today with her and her best friend. We were casually talking, about telling your parents to shut up. I said I only do jokingly, and only when my mom says it first. My girlfriends step-dad (Kevin) ****ING FREAKED OUT!

Some background, my girl and I have been dating for 7 months (tomorrow); and Kevin met me on December 19th (we'd been going out like 3 weeks), he told my girl that I'm the only guy that any of her or her sisters have brought home that he likes.

His exact words were:

"If you're disrespectful to your mother by telling her to shut up, then I don't want you around my daughter! Disrespect trickles down, buddy, and you'll end up being disrespectful to my daughter." At this point, I said "I'm not disrespectful to her," thinking that he was done talking. He sticks his finger out, and says, "One. Don't intterupt me." I don't know what this means!! Then, he said, "If you are disrespecful to my daughter, you and I will have to talk and we will have a problem,"

HOLY ****ING ****! Totally uncalled for! First off, what might be disrespectful to him is NOT disrespectful to my mom! They grew up in different times, so they're different!

So Pit, what does this mean? Help me, I can't have Kevin mad at me. Sorry for wall of text.

tl;dr: Girl's stepdad freaked out on me for being "disrespectful" while playfully joking around with my mom (who started it); and says I'd end up being disrespectful to my girl, and threatens me over it.
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