Hey everyone,

I got a Zoom pedal with my guitar when I got it off a colleague of my dad's. I didn't have an amp to go with the guitar at the time so I sorta left the pedal as it was and it was collecting dust until I remembered it today and plugged in a 9v battery. Seems there's quite alot of effects in there...

Anyone know some more about the Zoom 505, like what year they're from, what their retail value was at the time? I'm curious as they are discontinued from production nowadays...
I have one that I use as a delay, its not a great petal, but it does alot of stuff, just none that well, The original 505's are from 1995 i believe, THe delay is ok, and it comes in handy if you want to play with head phone, but no distortion sounds very good
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Does it looks like the one on this site?

here's a larger photo

if so that is the SAME one that I started with when I first got a pedal. Very cool pedal I feel. Comes with tons of patches, built in chromatic tuner which is pretty accurate, and you can make your own patches. I highly recommend getting the operation manual if you don't have it because it will tel you how to get a lot of fun out of it.

Not sure what kinda music youre into, but there are built in patches to sound like certain artists style of music.
Nah it's one model before that I found out

This one

Seems other sources around the net say the same. Mediocre pedal. Still, a nice find on a random afternoon rummaging through my stuff =)