I'll crit whilst listening:

First off, the palm-muted legato lick sounds a little off, but I'm not sure why. Unfortunate that you're playing on a digital amp. IS that a spider, by any chance? Sounds like it.

Good palm muting, though and nice artifical harmonics on the crazy train-esque part of the song. Although that run is a little sloppy, but nothing a little more attention can't fix.

Good rhythm throughout, fluid.

A couple of flat bends in the final solo. Also, you over pick some notes, and it kind of loses the effect.

Very fluid playing towards the end. Nice and clean.

Nice work. Good effort.
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great cover! i love the tone! what were you using to get it to sound so clean? also Crit my cover of cutsman?

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I agree with Smokey', the amp does sound a little digital.

Although, there's nothing really wrong with the cover as a whole. I'd just bring the guitars up a little in the mix, and lower the kick drum a little.

Good job. Just a few minor parts where I think you could pay a little more attention.
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Smokey Amp; No it's an AD30VT Valvetronix. And thank you.

Carl; Thank you as well, for the crit and the tips.

Mattylightning; Thanks. I don't have a youtube account or I would comment there. The sound is really tinny and it's really hard to hear your guitar. However, nice playing.
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