hey guys

this might not make any sence but iv got this poblem with my Gibson SG standard

when ever i play like a bass note and let it ring out while playin higher ones the bass note like dominates and over powers the higher notes, this i while playin with destortion

coud i fix this by lowerin my pickup slightley ??

rock and/or roll!
you might be able to lower the pickup on the bass side a very little bit. but i think thats just kind of how it's gonna be. notes and chords don't blend very well with distortion, no matter what. if you need to record it or something i'd record 2 parts instead, that would work
I have the same issue with my Ibanez SZR720. It's as though the GBe are much quieter... I was considering a pickup change (Stock Ibanez probably aren't as good as your Gibsons lol)

I try to fix by using only bridge pickup and turning the treple up at every opportunity (Guitar Tone > FX Pedals > Amp)

If you do try lowering pickup can you tell me the result? I'll try it tomorrow if it works. Thanks