So i recorded a cover of The Gale by Insomnium, im not too happy with the mix but i like it. This is what im asking you

- Be as brutally honest about it as you can such as eq, drum sound, guitar sound etc.

- Tell me what i should have done and why

- Let me know if you like the overall mix

This is how i did everything

Drums were done with Ez Drummer Drumkit From Hell. Only Effect was reverb

Guitars were done all vst with a chain that looks like this TSS Tubescreamer -> Guitar rig 3 on Xtreme metal preset (deleted cab) -> Kefir with Catharsis Awesometime Impulses (s-preshigh i think)

Bass was done through guitar rig on the fingered bass 3 preset

Orchestra and piano were done through REASON 4.0

My daw that i ran everything through was Acid Pro 6.0.

All guitar and bass was direct in through my M-Audio Duo Interface.

Also you might be wondering why i ran the guitars through Guitar Rig instead of one of the acllaimed amazing free vst's like Nick Crow 8505 and 7170? The reason why i didnt is this, I CANT GET THEM TO SOUND GOOD! I dont know why, ive read every guide including the VST thread (thanks dream pin- For making the thread and catharsis studios- for giving so much input into it. Its my favorite thread!) Ive tried countless combinations but it always sounds thin and bland. The only decent tone ive had is through guitar rig even though ive heard all these incredible mixes through 8505 and 7170. If anyone can give me any info on why i suck just let me know please!

Thanks in advance for any input and dont be afraid to destroy this mix!

The song is in my profile by the way!
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It sounds good I think, but I'm having the same problem as you.

EZdrummer blows.

Edit; Unless you have a real drummer on a electric kit, it sounds so robotic. I have it and hate it. Lol.
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Yeah the drums are awful.

Even if they werent awful they are EQ'd very badly, its mainly snare.

The keys at the start were nice.

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