Hello everyone at UG. This is my first post, so go easy on me.. haha

I just replaced the stock strings on my Aria XL-STD with Dunlop .10's and I've noticed I seem to be getting a little fret buzz, which I didn't have earlier.

Having these being my first set of strings that I've replaced I'm a noob when it comes to things I should expect with a new pair of strings.

Am I getting the buzzing for the fact that these are new strings, or it's because they are .10s.

To fix it (if it is the string size) do I just turn the screws on my bridge connected to the slides clockwise until they stop buzzing?

Thanks if you can help.
You should loosen the trussrod a little bit.. But If your really a noob it's probably not a good thing for you to be playing with.
Gauge changed=tension changed=action has to be modified.
my frets always buzz when i put new strings on, but it goes away once i break them in. if not you need to do some adjusting
Wait... do you have a floyd rose on it?

Actually, don't answer that. For us to really help you, we need some key info

What type of guitar? Electric or acoustic?

What gauge were the strings before hand?

do you have a tremolo bar or locking nut system?


^^ That's a picture of the guitar.

It's an electric, 3 months old, used every day, originally had .9's now I've put .10's on. The strings have been put on correctly, they're not slack or anything like that.

It's got a bar and that, which I don't use as it goes out of tune when I do, but it's not a lockdown system or anything.

Everything is still set at what it was for the .9's. As this is my first guitar, which I bought with my own money, I'm not game on adjusting any truss rods, but it's not so severe that it needs adjusting like that.

Buzzing as follows:

e - no buzzing
B - no buzzing
G - no buzzing
D - 3rd to 7th fret buzz
A - 3rd to 9th fret buzz
E - 3rd to 9th fret buzz

Hope that helps.
it needs more relief in the neck. im 90% sure of it. and changing the relief requires adjusting the truss rod. or you could take it to a tech for about $20-40. and then what what he does so then you can do it yourself next time.
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If you bought it from a shop, take it in and say it was like that when you got it, and it needs to be fixed immediately or you'll demand money back.

that's what I did when my grounder came undone off my pups.