I play alot of hard rock, alt rock stuff, alot of theory of a deadman, Breaking Benjamin, disturbed, rise against, foo fighters, and my band is right up the same alley. I'm looking for an amp (preferably a stack) to get that sound. I am getting some new picks up for my JT-220, seymour duncans SH-1 and SH-4, and i want something to compliment those too though, and i would like a very nice clean tone. Distortion needs to be good, but i guess you could say i am a pedal *****, so, I have quite a few distortion pedals that i would like to use with it.

As far as budget goes, I'm 16, with a full time job during the summer, and part time during school, so i can save up for pretty much anything, as i have nothing else to spend it on. But i guess i don't wanna go over around 1000-1500 USD.
Just shot you a PM, check it out.

Try finding a used 5150 maybe? I think that Peavey is coming out with a 6505 combo soon? Can't recall exactly...anyone else?
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why do you need a stack? tubes get damn loud, you aren't going to want too many speakers when your practicing or else you will suffer permanent hearing damage!
So after looking around, i could get a peavey 5150 head for only 500 USD used. With a good cab, is that a good quality amp that may do what i want it to?
I don't know if it'll get the exact tone you're looking for, but the 5150 is very good at metal.
Mesa Dual Recto used?
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Honestly, there are a squillion options open to you.
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