If I were to get really good and then stop for like 4 years will I still have it? I know that it would obviously take a little bit of practice to get back to where you used to be but would it be like starting from scratch?

Edit: its not like riding a bike, if you stop for like 4 years you pretty mutch loose it all and will have to start over.
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It's most likely like any musical instrument.

You might remember some stuff here and there, but you'll have to practice to get as good as you used to be. I know I'm not nearly as good as I was at cello 2 years ago when I quit, nor am I as good at piano now as I was 3 years ago when I quit.
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Well anyone who really likes playing guitar and enjoys it (Like you should) then you wont be able to not play it for that long
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^ +1 I stopped playing for a long time. Probably around 6 or 7 years. When I went back to it one day out of boredom, I was nowhere near as good as I had used to be, but it came pretty naturally, and it didn't take much practice to reinstate old skill.
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Just don't ever stop playing and you won't have that problem.
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Two years ago I was playing some Holdsworth legato lines cold and some Lane-ish picking licks when warmed up. I had to cut down on my practicing because of university, and now I'm far behind where I had been.
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No, I played for 5 years, then quit for three and picked up bass 1 1/2 years into that 3... then I quit bass and jumped on guitar again.. I can't play nearly as good as I could previously.