I have a tremolo (liscenced floyd) that has a problem returning to tune after divebombs and stuff.

I know that tremolno can be used to turn the bridge fixed but when it is set in full floating mode, does it act as a tremsetter (thus returning and keeping the guitar in tune)

Also, when you have the tremolno set to Dive-only mode, Can you play the guitar in drop tunings such as drop d without the whole guitar getting out of whack? So if I have it set to dive only mode and I unlock the nut and simply drop the low E string to D, will the other strings still be in tune?
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You can set it to either fully floating (so it's as if the Tremlo-no's not there at all - if your guitar won't stay in tune now, it'll be just as out of tune then), dive-only (so long as the spring/string tension is right, you'll be able to drop-tune without the other strings going sharp - however this does rely on it being set up right and if your bridge is really messed up, e.g. the knife edges have worn right down, then it'll still be out of tune) or hardtail (does exactly what you'd think it does).

Generally speaking I think it's a bit pointless. If you need a Floyd, replace the existing one with a Gotoh Floyd or an OFR and leave it fully floating. If you don't need a Floyd... why have a guitar with a Floyd in the first place?
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the tremol-no is not that great, i have one on my jackson, if you screw in the cheap plastic screws too hard, it could strip out the screws EASILY. also, if its in "locked mode" and you have the bar on, and it gets hit hard enough, it WILL make it go out of the locked mode and be stuck out of tune until you unscrew it.

just block the tremolo, spend your $70 (its from allparts, so see if someone here can get you an allparts discount) or $50 that i paid for one and go out to eat to a decent place with your girlfriend/wife or something, if you're single, buy a porn subscription.

you'll thank me later.
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