Let me start off by saying that this poem is very raw.
I haven't done much editing since I've written it, which is about 20 minutes ago.
I felt a sudden urge to write, and this came out.
Some please critique this with the eye of a poetic master.
Thank you.

"Do I understand you clearly?
You say you weren't afraid?
It was five against one, for God's sake!
Don't pretend you are someone great.

Now broken bones and bruises
Cover an already shaken soul
Good thing she's sworn herself to silence
Well, for you anyways.

A simple "No" sends the hourglass spinning
Her world started over that day
Now she faces the world alone
And the bloody lines on her skin never fade

She screams whispers only to me
threating me if I ever tell
Seems blood ISN'T thicker than water
Or her family just doesn't care.

Screaming her demons from mountaintops
Seems like the right choice to make
The walls wink and nudge me.
But her life is still on the line.

So sir, I salute you.
Five against one is unfair enough.
But against a girl?
What's gotten into your head?

Go snort yourself some self respect
Drink some confidence from the bottle
While you're at it, inject yourself with chivalry.
People like you make me sick."