It was awesome!
The lyrics were brilliant and your slight accent made it all the better.

The guitar work was good, very easy-to-listen-to country chords.
You sing well too.

Nothing to crit here, it's all good.
This is an amazing song! Really enjoyable, easy to listen to, interesting and funny! The vocals were great, the guitar was perfect...I would happily listen to more of your songs. I can't really think think of anything you could improve except maybe some harmony vocals in the chorus? But the double tracking worked really well, so maybe not. Overall a very entertaining song.

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haha, great song... made me laugh right at the start
vocals fit very well with the guitar chord sequences (which were cool too), and suit country style very well.
As above poster says, perhaps harmonies in chorus... if you want maybe a slight drumbeat in background on last chorus (to make it seem as if song has developed over time)

I really enjoyed listening to this piece, look forward to hearing more!
Keep it up!

And thx for comments on my midi song
nice song!
like it quite a lot. im not into any country or country-ish music but that wasnt bad at all.
lyrics were great too. Keep at it.
thanx for crittin' mine.
I think I've commented one of your songs in the past. This is the same as that. I am not really a big into country music, but you make it pretty well (and amusing in this song!). haha.

Musically speaking it is simple (as is obvious). Your vocals are really good as far as country music is concerned. Lyrically its pretty interesting to see how you mixed some seriousness, but also some satire on some of the more cheesy things about country music lovers (IE: Nascar). The riffs in the chorus were enjoyable too.

My only big qualm is that the main riff sounds a lot like the beginning of Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd.
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I must say, you got "Country" down pat. I live here in Arkyville where there is but one way to look at things, the redneck way.....or your an outcast.....yep! that's me.....Love to hear a little Bass line in there. Cool music and songwriting....