So the ESP newsletter was advertising Free Guitar Rig 3 demos, and that if you downloaded it with a special promo code, you'd be entered into a drawing to win a KH-602. So i decided to download it, and maybe i'd win a free guitar. But now, i cant figure out how to hook my guitar up to my computer and actually play through GR3.
I tried using a cable with a headphone jack on one end and a jack that fit my guitar on the other, plugging it into the headphone jack on the computer, and changing the input to headphone jack, but that didn't work. How am I supposed to do this?
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I think i'll just buy GR instead
Thanx for your help

Keep in mind, it's pretty expensive.

It's totaly worth it thought, I love it for recording. You can get some pretty good tones out of it.
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