I was thinking about getting a Epiphone Les Paul and then at Guitar Center today I saw they had marked down the Slash Goldtops which normally go for $1000 to $699. The Slash signature comes with a hard shell case and Seymour Duncan Alnico II's. Is the Slash model that much of an improvement over a standard Epiphone Les Paul? There's the $200 price difference but I figure the hard shell case is worth $100 and I was planning on buying one anyway.
The Epi Slash is HEAVEN
it's definitely one of the best sounding and most comfortable guitars i've played, almost as good as a Gibson LP Traditional
I'm considering getting one as well
Its definately worth it. It looks beautiful, it has pretty good pickups, it comes with a hard case?

Get it now before someone else does.
Get it. It's not worth $1000, more like $700, like you're getting it for.

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If it went down to $700, then it's finally worthwhile. Go for it.

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can't really find anything to dislike about that! get it before it goes back up if you've got the money
Most of the time we would say a sig guitar is a waste of money but when its pretty much the same price as the regular model get it.
It's worth it if you have a good amp and you are rubbish at installing new pickups yourself and you like the odd neck profile it has.

However, if you're missing any of those things then it's no good. If the neck profile isn't to your liking then of course the guitar's outright no good. If you can install pickups yourself (which is very easy) then the fact it has Alnico II Pros in it means next to nothing. If you don't have a very good amp then Alnico II Pros are terrible pickups anyway, they are designed specifically to be transparent and very low-output to make th best of a great amp - but it also works inversely too, so if you have a bad amp or an average amp then they'll just make you sound much worse.
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My friend had one, had great sustain and played really well for Epiphone. It's considerable better than a Gibson Les Paul Studio.