i would go with the sg
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what kind of music do you play?
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I'd go with the SG then, it should be able to handle those genres without any trouble.
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Shai Hulud mother****er.
i want an affordable tube amp, i.e. blackheart 5w. and 5w is good enough for me. can anyone suggest better 5w tube amps? preferably most compatible with the schecter (i'm kinda leaning toward the schecter because it's the cheapest)
all are great guitars, but the sg (and the strat if its HSS) are the most versatile and would sound best out of that amp.
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i'm still unsure whether the schecter, being the cheapest, is worth it to save a few hundred, compared to the others. what i'm really looking for are the affordable amps that do justice to each guitar, especially the schecter, so i can compare each equally.