I got a guitar last summer so I think i've been playing for roughly a year now.
Ever since I started out, I learned the chords and I've been learning songs that I love.

Now I'm stuck about what I should do/learn.
I do want to learn how to write songs and compose songs on my acoustic guitar but I feel like that's a pretty big step and that i'm missing out some fundamentals about playing the acoustic guitar.. i just don't know what i should learn right now.

Like.. should I learn theory??
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You should only learn theory if you find yourself very interested in the subject. If you do, you can learn your theory in about a month. Other than that just practice on changing chords and stuff. Build up a repetoire of songs, play in front of others and such
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If you want to write your own stuff theory can make it a whole lot easier - check out the music theory FAQ sticky in the Musician Talk forum, and take a look at Freepower's bitesize theory vids - they are on his profile. Actually, check out Freepower's vids first.

Even learning chords is easier if you understand the theory behind how to contruct them
If you want to compose you definetly have to have basic theory knowledge about scales, chords and how they relate to each other. Also you have to do serious ear training. For a composer is very important i think. Start with the major scale and harmonization with triads. That should keep you busy a while