Hi there, I'm intent on trying to record my band's practices for several reasons (one intending on resolving the dispute on whether we need a better/new singer or not, but that's not important to this at all!)

I'm only looking to use this to record in order for my band to get a better idea of what to do with songs and such, not looking to seriously record anything with this, although the option to later on to get something decent, or even for my own personal use wouldn't be that bad.

So, with that in mind, what I want to know is what kind of equipment should I intend to use? And how much should I look at spending to get this done decently/ cheap?

Also, I already have audacity to use as software, if that helps...
Good handheld recorders are pretty cheap now. You can get a decent handheld one for 100-500 bucks. Tascam, Zoom, Marantz-(probably the most expensive) are great choices. Check sweetwater or call em if u need help picking one out. (Not a rep just enjoy their personal service and knowledgeable staff)
i'd say to get a camera.. just research if it's good for audio, or has an external mic slot
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DEFINITELY a handheld recorder for this sort of thing, or ease of use and audio quality.
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Quote by TheAugustSun.
For practice go with a mic in the middle of the room and a laptop with audacity.

Not a great idea if I'm honest. It depends on the layout of the room, otherwise you might not hear everything else over the drums, if they were close to the mic' for example.

I'd go with what the others are saying and get a handheld recorder. Fairly affordable. Easy to use. Decent quality. Pretty much just what you're looking for.
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