Very impressive mate. You certainly have some talent.
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C'mon, man. We're just kidding. We all know that drummers are important.

After all, without drummers, who would bag my groceries?

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That was soo godly

you tone was amazing.
what did u use to record your sound??

great vid editing too.

i wish there were more then 5 stars for the godly vids. cause this truely is godly

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That was amazing. And that flip of the drumstick at the end of the video before playing was ridiculous! V. good quality recording. What do you use? Looking forward to hearing more from you. Subscribed to your channel.
That was absolutely amazing.


Keep it up man, subscribed.
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that was so awesome man, great video editing and great sound quality AND great playing too, on all of the instruments, that was truly enjoyable to watch
thanks guys

as for sound recording, I go Podxt Live straight into computer via usb. I used an HD camcorder for video recording, and did a bunch of different angles and edited together using sony vegas.