I'm trying desperately to find one. There may still be the one in the local shop, but last I checked they were asking $800 for it. Does anyone know where I can find one? I want the FR model in the Black Cherry.
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Not the C-1, I looked at that one too, but I like the slimmer neck of the Sunset
It has a reverse headstock. It's hard to find cause 2008 was the last year for it.
Yes, I guess it's super-strat (double cutaway)
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We're better than Mexico cuz we rule USA USA USA
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Man the deal I found a few months ago would make you sick. I had seen a hellraiser sunset in a catalog and drooled over it forever. Was messin around on Ebay and found a factory blem. From the pictures, I couldnt really see the blem, and the guy even had a circle around it. It was brand new, but it had the factory blemish and the guy wanted 450 bux for her. I'm far from an expert player, so a little blem wouldnt hurt me, and as bad as I wanted this axe, I was willing to deal with it. I took a chance and bought it. Me and a few other folks have looked for this "so called" blemish for 3 months and havent found it yet. I even emailed the guy back and wanted to make sure he sent the right guitar. I' d check around on there, hell you never know, you may can find a deal like I did. These guitars are really awesome. Good luck with your search
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it is not sold...

Oh, ok, I thought that one was the Black Cherry one one that website that is sold.
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Thanks for the input, I don't really wanna spend that much so I'm looking at this now:
What about that?

If you're looking at an Epi LP for metal, go with this guy . It's only a couple hundred more. My buddy has one and it's absolutely killer. It has a slim, almost Ibanez style neck on it, so it plays super fast. Sounds amazing. Really nice quilted maple top on it too.
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