This is an Aria Pro II RS Knight Warrior I picked up for $180, because it looked like a good guitar for some good old fashioned 80s hair metal dive-bombing phaggotry. I have to say, for the price, it plays really well, the only downside is the somewhat weak pickups (but not THAT weak), which I plan on upgrading.

I just have a few questions. First of all, the little roller saddle thing for the low E string on the Kahler Flyer doesn't roll, the string just gets really loose and kinda falls off the saddle. And, also regarding the low E-string, I can't seem to lock it at the nut, no matter how tight I screw on the washer, I can still change the tuning with the head tuner. I was just wondering. I'm pretty new to Kahlers, and locking trems in general, so I'm not sure what to do. Any advice on the Kahler is welcome.

One last question, there's a couple of stickers on it, and they don't really bother me that much right now, but I was just wondering if I ever got tired of them, if there would be some way I could remove them without just making the guitar look worse?

1. i have no idea what to do about the saddle, sorry

2. the nut really shouldn't let you change the tuning from the headstock so something is definitely wrong... make sure the part you're tightening down is actually touching the strings, cuz even a little contact should keep the string from moving AT ALL. very strange... not sure what the problem could be

3. i think some Goo-Gone would work for the stickers. and maybe a heat gun. just don't hold the gun too close and for too long and you'll be fine.

4. nice guitar! i like it a lot, it looks pretty badass. and for $180 i think you got a deal, even with the weird things wrong with it
Yeah the nut thing is weird, isn't it? I even tried a different washer set from a spare Floyd system I had lying around, still did it... I'm almost positive I'm doing something wrong. And I think I can order replacement parts from Kahler for the bridge, just have to figure out how much that would cost.
Doh! And now, because I had to be curious, I accidentally ripped out the input jack!! And I don't have a soldering iron...
I can't help you whatsoever on your issues, but HNGD.

Sorta Weird. I was about to buy an Aria Pro II RS Knight Warrior a couple of weeks ago off of Craigslist. It was up for $180. I saw this thread and was like damn he got it.

That one was black and I was able to drop the price to $150. Still didn't grab it. Don't know why. Maybe cuz I need to use some of my other guitars lol.

HNGD. I'm sure she's a shredder