So I have a cheap backup guitar (like 200 dollar epiphone cheap) and the upper fretboard sounds like it might as well me an 8-bit video game system. It is just so digital sounding, we have starting to call it the gATARI. Im about ready to paint an atari logo on it. Anyone have an idea on how to fix it.

PS the lower frets play perfictly its just when i go to the upper board to solo.
Flick your switch to treble, turn the tone up to 10, turn the volume to 10 on the guitar.

Tell me if that fixed it.
thats awesome, use that as like a gag for some of your songs!
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What amp do you use?

I think amps make a bigger difference in tone than guitars do.
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maybe new pup??? what amp are you running threw?? a solid state or a tube?
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Well right now I run through a digitech modulater into the PA. But I know thats not the problem since this one is the only guitar that does it out of the 4. Yes the trebal switch is on tone-10 and volume-10.

it may be the pickup, maybe Ill have to switch the neck and bridge pickups (I never use the neck pickup and they are identical)