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So me and my dad were talking about how everyone remembered where they were when JFK got killed...and he said he still remembers where he was when he heard about the twin towers getting attacked...sooo...
Where were you during/when you heard about the twin towers being attacked?
I was in 4th grade and i just walked in to school and the teachers had tv's out in the hallway watching it the time i thought the explosions looked badass and I laughed about it...then I was told what happened
I distinctly remember that I was in 5th grade but at the dentist's office at the time. My dad saw it on a tv in the lobby and told me it was happening, but I had no idea what the WTC was anyway so I didn't think much of it at the time.
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In school when an announcement was made.
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I was in fourth grade as well, we were let out of school early, I really didn't understand what was going on, I just remember all the adults being upset.
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I was watching stuart little before school. i was like 9 or something.
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I was in 3rd grade, and I remember we went into school late because my mom was watching it on tv...and I remember talking about it at lunch, it was more exciting for us than sad
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Was in 6th grade. I was getting ready to go to school when I turned on the news to check the time. This was before the second plane hit and everyone thought it was an accident. Then sure enough another plane flew into the other tower and the reporter started freaking out and stuff.

I stayed home that day.
I remember that I was in class in Elementary school, and everybody was kind of buzzing about something bad happening. And I believe we got out of school early. And my good friend at the time was crying and I had no idea why. A very interesting day since I was so young.
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I was in bed. I woke up and mum was like *pointing at TV*.

I was way little though.
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I had just come back from playing cricket and by some odd reason I changed hte channel to CNN even though everyone was watching it.

... and that was that.
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My mom woke everybody in the house up, banging on all the doors, yelling "WE'RE GETTING BOMBED"

And of course, we all thought she meant our house was getting bombed so we started panicking

I was in 6th grade, I remember going to school that day and we were all making fun of Julian the next day because his parents made him stay home
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Getting ready for school, a friend of my mother then phoned and told me to go and watch the news quick.

I saw a plane going boom into a building, it looked pretty cool, I had no idea what I saw seeing
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I was in the fifth grade and walked by the teacher's lounge on the way to the library when I saw a smokey building on the T.V. and a bunch of people were standing in there, but didn't know what was going on. No one told my class room and I didn't find out until my mom pulled me out of class at lunch.
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I'd woken up early, was in year 3 at the time, and was a little pissed off that I got up early to watch the same thing on TV for I dunno an hour or two? It wasn't until I heard the number of fatalities that I realised how serious it was.

That day was pretty much the most vivid memory I have of that time. Was a day that changed the world, I think.
I'm fairly sure I was in 3rd grade math class when the first plane struck. My teacher was kind of in hysterics but we didn't have a TV in the classroom so I just shrugged it off. They let us out early (I think) and I managed to get home right when the second plane struck, I believe. Both towers were still standing anyway.
I was in third grade and my step mom happened to wake up early and turned on the t.v. I remember that she thought is was a movie for a minute. She then called the school and I stayed home that day. I also remember being really scared because they said that another plane was heading towards Washington. They meant D.C., but I was only in the 3rd grade so I thought they meant state which is where I live.
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10th grade health class.(we had to take it once during high school) all the rooms had tvs so we just watched the news all day. if it was about most anything else that would've made it a good day. But it definitely sucked.
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sitting in class. the teacher was reading us a story, and the principal came in and told us what happened. my mom is a manager at Pearson International Airport so they sent all employees home for the day and she came to pick me up from school.

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I think i speak for all of us that were little children...what we saw we didn't understand until we were a little older.

i was 10, i understood.
I was in grade school, playing under the bleachers.
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i woke up and tried to watch the morning cartoons, but all i saw (on every channel) was Bush getting out of his helicopter, and when i asked my mum what was going on, she just said "something bad's happened"
6th grade. we all saw the cloud of smoke in the sky right after it happened from our school window before it was on the news i think. i live in queens so yea
Just getting out of school, there was an announcement, telling everyone to not believe what anyone was saying but just go home and find out for yourself. Obviously we had no idea what was happening at the time. I got home just as the second tower fell.
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I was staying home from school. I was sick. I still remember it was a Tuesday and it happened around 8:30ish in the morning. I was nine and understood what happened. I recall a friend called us and told us to turn on the news.
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I was 6.

My mom had turned on the tv to watch her soap operas. Needless to say she didn't watch soaps that day. I kept asking her, "Mommy what's happening?".

It wasn't until about a year or two later that it just hit me one day, out of fucking nowhere.
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I remember riding my scooter to school when my friend Josh told me what happened. I was to young to fully comprehend it at the time. My uncle was living in Manhattan so my mom was freaking out.
i was drawing an airplane....seriously. But i was in school and had nothing to do, and i used to draw planes alot, so its a coinkidink, but not too weird
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i was in first grade..
everyones parents were coming to get them and i had no idea y..soon i was the only one in class and i finally got picked up...
i went home and saw it..i wasnt that struck cause i was like 6 or 7..still was stunned.
I was in 6th grade, walking down the hallway to the bathroom..

I went past the teachers lounge and heard it on the TVs in there...

then noone told us what happened until I got home and my parents told me..
waking up for school in seventh grade. then i went to school all day and everyone was speculating, but no one really told us anything.

twas intense.
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4th grade, I remember an announcement on the intercom along the lines of 'everybody remain calm, the school day will continue as normal' or something. Apparently teachers and some of the students found out. My dad and brother came and picked me up a little before the school day was over and I didn't believe them at first.
I was taking a **** and my mom came and knocked on the door and said " A plane just hit the Twin Towers" and I was like oh ok.
In 3rd grade, started a normal Tuesday, I belive we were let out early, don't remember for sure. My parents were late picking me up because they got caught up in the rush for Gas.
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